Strong Innovation on Stunning Kitchen Design

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Make unusual and different innovation to most people is not easy. Although the design inspiration for the world as never ending, kitchen design is slightly different. The room is filled with electronic goods that we can buy at the store without designing. So we have to think about whether we use design that will be compatible with electronic goods we buy. Or should we order in particular an electronic goods with a certain shape that has no equal? But certainly by using the amount of money.

But two Italian brand has an extraordinary brilliant idea. They create a strong innovation which never existed before in the modern kitchen. A result of creativity that combines sleek and modern with traditional and creative. What is the innovation? They make a beautiful colorful mosaic. You will not find it anywhere else. Colorful mosaic is placed in kitchen using monochrome theme. Kitchen walls was painted with white color, as well as oval-shaped kitchen island, while the kitchen flooring is black color. One more interesting, unique dishwasher was applied on beautiful kitchen island table.

Colorful mosaic is applied on the kitchen shelves door that filled with some electronic equipment. The shelves kitchen door can be opened from the middle then driven in two directions, left and right. A cursory look, the shape is very simple because it only consists of a collection of stacked horizontal lines with a variety of colors. But if you approach it, you’ll find something extraordinary. Big beautiful masterpiece was composed of pieces of small boxes neatly arranged. Definitely need foresight and a lot of time to make it. Kitchen shelves is exposed to direct sunlight because it is located next to large windows classic theme. A complete pot with a plant stand pretty close to a window and make your eyes more comfortable.

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