Amazing Ways How To Clean Kitchen Floor

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Kitchen flooring is usually made from materials such as wood, ceramic tile, laminate or vynyl. Kitchen floor stains lot of leftover food ingredients or food stains that fell accidentally. To clean it the first step you should do is to wipe using a damp paper towel. But if you can not clean it with these steps you can try another way. Floor made from vinyl is the easiest to clean. Some things that you need to clean the this floor is broom, bucket, mild dish detergent, warm water, mop, soft cloth or brush with rubber bristles, and clean towels.

Kitchen design with modern kitchen style usually use hardwood floor, do not use water to clean it. Water can damage the color and quality of the wood so that more fees you need to fix it. Materials you need to clean hardwood floor is broom, microfiber mop for scrubbing the floor, and the hardwood floor cleaner. Remember that you should not pour the liquid over the hardwood floor. Other wood materials that you can use is a wood laminate floor. How to clean this floor is avoid to soaking it with water. You need a white vinegar, water, bucket, broom and softcloth.

Another material that is often used is ceramic tile floor. There are various ways to clean ceramic tile, one of the following ways: thoroughly clean the stain. After that fill the bucket with warm water to wash away the stains, if they have not lost you can use dish detergent. Mop or sponge the floor and make sure the floor is dry before you use it. Of the various tips that have been given, the more important thing is to clean the stain immediately so that the stain does not become crust. Avoid using cleaners that can damage the floor with a certain type.

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